[Libreoffice] Suggestions for improving the look 'n' feel of LibreOffice

Alexander.wilms@zoho.com alexander.wilms at zoho.com
Fri Oct 28 09:57:43 PDT 2011

Hi all,

My name is Alex and I am a member of the design team. I've collected 
several ideas regarding the look of LO. I'd like to hear your opinions: 
Do you think the suggested changes are useful? And how hard would it be 
to implement them?

  There's a short summary with a few examples in this document: 

1) It would be useful if the user could define alternating colors for 
table rows/columns and maybe even export Styles for text/shapes/tables 
formatting and coloring to a xml file or something for easy exchange.

2) Currently, only "Shift" allows scaling a picture while keeping the 
ratio. Apparently thats how Word works, too, but if one is used to Gimp 
or Inkscape one intuitively tries "Ctrl". I suggest to allow both keys.

3) If possible, the markup-language input for formulas should be 
optional. I am not sure if thats correct but it it seems as if LO Math 
would be loaded when entering a formula.
I heard some of you are working on "Visual Formulas Input". Might this 
be what I'm looking for?

5) The handles for resizing and rotating look rather dated. They should 
be replaced by some squares/circles filled with a nice gradient. Are 
they hardcoded or could the graphics simply be replaced?

6) There should be some nice interchangeable borders, maybe svg-files 
(e.g. polaroid-style) that could easily be applied to imported graphics

What do you think? Some of this might not be trivial to implement, but 
in my opinion it would be worth the effort.

Kind Regards


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