[Libreoffice] [Libreoffice-ux-advise] Suggestions for improving the look 'n' feel of LibreOffice

Astron heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 31 07:28:20 PDT 2011

Hi Michael, Alexander,

>> 2) Currently, only "Shift" allows scaling a picture while keeping the
>> ratio. Apparently thats how Word works, too, but if one is used to
>> Gimp or Inkscape one intuitively tries "Ctrl". I suggest to allow both
>> keys.
>        IMHO the ability to scale an -image- destroying it's aspect ratio -
> which we have by default on re-sizing them is a mis-feature. IMHO we
> should invert the sense here - dragging the corner handles should by
> default preserve aspect ratio (perhaps just for images). Clearly other
> handles are already provided and near at hand for sizing in just one
> direction, and we should flip the sense of ctrl&&||shift to allow
> aspect-busting sizing. But of course consensus on that appreciated - so
> we can knock up an easy hack.

I had not thought of that in my previous response to Alexander (on the
design list), but (in my view) you are absolutely correct with regards
to this being a misfeature for photos/raster graphics. But I wouldn't
go so far as to reverse the meaning of the Shift key. I think the best
solution would be to turn the existing "Keep ratio" option on
automatically when importing a raster image.
On design at g.lo.org, Christoph (Noack) also loudly thought about some
helpful status bar text, like in Inkscape etc. to inform users. Sadly,
there seem to be no news from Federico's attempt to change the Drawing
toolbar (Christoph first mentioned better status bar information
there, I think).

>> 5) The handles for resizing and rotating look rather dated. They
>> should be replaced by some squares/circles filled with a nice
>> gradient. Are they hardcoded or could the graphics simply be replaced?
>        Agreed - there are two modes: large and small for the handles but both
> look dated as you say. Some consensus on this from the design team might
> let us create some easy hack around this.

There are four modes: small, large, small/3D, large/3D. Writer's
scanner tool uses small square black handles, but I am not sure if
these are graphics.
Additionally, in Draw/Impress, there are at least another four handles
(corner, side vertical, side horizontal, center) for rotating and a
further two (node, "direction of node") for manipulating vector lines,
all are also available in four modes (small, small/3D, large,
It would be great if all of the four modes could be unified (with
handles nominally the same size as the current large handles [8*8])
with all of the related options removed.

Lastly, there's the anchor image from Writer that is also in dire need
of replacement.

What would be great:
* to know the location of these images in the git repository (sorry, I
really tried finding them, but there are too many icons)
* to know what's possible with these images – most importantly: alpha
* if someone could remove the additional UI/code
* if someone would make them themeable (if they aren't
already/strictly optional)

Help appreciated.


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