[Libreoffice] Background image missing in 3.4.4rc1 Mac OSX DMG

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Mon Oct 31 10:27:30 PDT 2011

Alexander Thurgood wrote:
> > Thorsten, Fridrich, do you have any idea what went wrong with 3.4.4-rc1
> > Mac OSX DMG?
> Having just checked all of the official 3.4.x DMG releases, it turns out
> that none of them have pretty background or installation arrow, so this
> has been around since 3.4 was branched off.
> The 3.3.4 DMG does have the background image and pretty installation icons.
Hi Alex, all,

yep, the problem was a change on the DEV300 code line we merged for
3.4.x, that made additional changes necessary for the underlying
.DS_Store file. Further complicating things are apparently
incompatible changes Apple did to that undocumented binary format,
i.e. .DS_Store files generated on newer OSX versions may not display
correctly on older versions.

So I re-did the changes locally, and uploaded a modified .dmg here -


I would _expect_ it to not display correctly on 10.5/10.4. According
to several random pages on the interwebs, we need someone with a
10.4/10.5 to re-do the following steps (cf. people in Cc):


 * make r/w copy of .dmg: hdiutil convert LibO-3.4.4...dmg -format UDRW -o rw.dmg
 * find out current size: hdiutil resize -limits rw.dmg
 * resize with ~random extra sectors: hdiutil resize -sectors <sectors> rw.dmg
 * mount it: hdiutil attach rw.dmg
 * note that /Volumes/LibreOffice/.DS_Store is read-only, change it to
   rw via chmod in the terminal
 * tweak settings to heart's content:
   open View->View options in Finder for the LibO .dmg window
   double-click on the background image, in the then-opening file
   selector, select the LibreOffice volume
   - notice you don't see the hidden .background dir -
   - press Command-Shift-g do be able to select hidden dirs, manually
     enter ".background"
   - in the subdir, select the "background.png"
   - close setting dialog, close LibreOffice .dmg window
 * unmount: hdiutil detach rw.dmg
 * double-click on .dmg in Finder, it should now show the correct
   background image
 * copy out final .DS_Store / upload .dmg somewhere for us to



-- Thorsten
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