[Libreoffice] Windows builds with Visual Studio Express

Mathias Bauer nospamformba at gmx.de
Mon Sep 19 14:38:33 PDT 2011

Am 19.09.2011 12:10, schrieb Jesús Corrius:

>>> agree that at least for the first part reimplementing would be a good
>>> idea, and in fact I once had planned to do that. Admittedly it was never
>>> important enough.
>> Not like it is a top priority now, but if you have some spare time, a
>> patch would not be refused :)
> Another interesting question is if some of those bits are actually
> used by someone.
> I am sure we want the OLE drag and drop support, but would it be
> *THAT* bad if we remove the ActiveX control, for example? ;)

IIRC it's not used for the D&D code, but for the OLE linking/embedding
code. I also can confirm Fridrich's statement: there *are* people that
use the Active-X control.


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