[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Sep 29 07:46:17 PDT 2011

	+ Norbert, Thorsten, Michael, Stephan, Andras,
	  David, Rainer, Mitch, Bjoern, Caolan

+ Completed Action Items
	+ spec. for beefier gerrit machine -> sysadmin team (Bjoern)

+ Pending Action Items
        + default to TM safe (non-TDF) branding (Thorsten)
        + enable on-line updates for QA for dailies ... (Kendy)
        + publicise / aggregate our list of ODF proposals / extensions (Thorsten)
	+ update openSymbol with version gap & checks (Julien Nabet cf. Caolan)

* Agenda items
        + pending action items
	+ cppunittest code sharing - new TestFixture in vcl ? (Michael)
		+ done in 'test' & split to 'unotest'
	+ virus & trojan warnings in source code [CVE docs] (Caolan)
AA:		+ plan is to add a magic XOR mangling for unit tests
		  now the code is shared, to hide the issue (Caolan)
	+ enabling -Werror automatically for some people (Michael)
		+ pretty difficult in gcc world to turn on -Werror
		  sensibly, distros back-porting patches are an issue,
		  triplet version number is not reliable / helpful (Caolan)
		+ have it enabled on build-bots if a known-good compiler (Caolan)
		+ if can build with on, then should build with it on (Bjoern)
		+ stick with status quo, -Werror is a good thing if
		  it works, but users need to fix others' warnings
	+ per shlib forward definition headers (Michael)
		+ using include what you need is the best first step.
	+ Lanedo / Win32 project (Mitch)
		+ plan is to start after the conference
		+ cross-compiled msi building
		+ C++ ABI issues MS VC++ vs. gcc
			+ plan to switch this for production code at
			  flag-day for 4.0
AA:			+ add details to the release 4 wiki page (Kendy)
		+ current status (Kendy)
			+ mingw tinderbox cross-compiler, working & mailing people
			+ binaries run under wine -> 50% of status bar ...
			+ debugging with VStudio debugger: needs a VS extension
			  that de-mangles dwarf
			+ winedbg support: can linkoo the build, re-compile and
			  run directly as on Linux
			+ from clean build -> instsetoo_native: 12 minutes
			  for a Windows build (on big Linux H/W)
	+ ABI / API break (Norbert)
		+ copy Mozilla ? un-froze the whole API & fixed up incrementally (Caolan)
		+ talk at the conference about it (Michael)
		+ concern that we capture all ABI breakage to do for 4.0
AA:		+ please do that incrementally in the wiki: (Everyone)
        + no release bits (Petr on vacation)
        + QA update (Rainer)
		+ Bugzilla Bug Submission Assistant
			+ beautiful scripting magic from Loic (with thanks)
			+ Kendy already patched to re-order icons,
			  code in website/bug/
		+ Solaris Unix Support
			+ porters / hackers belong on the developers list,
			  otherwise, 'discuss' is fine
			+ OpenIndiana guys have done some work here
	+ Gerrit
		+ seems to require raw access & control of the git server
		+ concerns of merge / pushing ...

	+ Fun updates
		+ cudos to Tor / Fridrich / Kendy / Norbert / Bjoern etc.
		  for cross-build goodness (Thorsten)
	  	+ Bjoern
			+ upgrading his hardware, will setup another PC tinderbox
			+ Pandabord looking fun - might get an ARM tinderbox with
			  a build-per-week or somesuch
		+ Michael
			+ re-factoring vcl to remove X dependency from headless
			  mode, should allow cross-platform smoke-tests
			  during build

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