Android UI work

Jonathan Aquilina eagles051387 at
Mon Apr 2 03:40:31 PDT 2012

Hey Michael,  Tor, and all

I have an initial android project I created for the UI which can be 
integrated into the core. I have a git hub repository here

My question though is what would be the best way to hook that project in 
with the core, as well as submit it for inclusion into the core 
repository so that we have an initial beginning for others to clone the 
android UI stuff from the LO source instead of my github respository 
above. Correct me if I am wrong in assuming this (not trying to make an 
ass out of you and me or anyone for that matter with my assumption ;) ), 
but from what I can see is that the android project generates its own 
files during compile, and puts them in the project tree structure in 
their respective directories.

Please let me know how you would like me to proceed. I will try get a 
screen shot when I have a bit more time this afternoon. The UI was 
developed and tested on an HTC Desire HD instead of using an AVD.


Jonathan Aquilina

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