proposed easyhack: converting c++ unit tests from JUnit to CppUnit

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Mon Apr 2 04:16:05 PDT 2012

On 26/03/12 11:56, Noel Grandin wrote:
> Hi
> I note that some of the C++ unit tests are being run from JUnit, which 
> seems counter-intuitive.

writing C++ unit tests in Java would be rather impossible.

there are however various UNO API tests that are written in Java with
JUnit, i guess you're talking about those.

> Is there is a good reason for this, or would it simplify matters to 
> convert them to CppUnit?

the tests that are implemented in the "qadevOOo" module (aka "unoapi"
tests, run via various $MODULE/qa/unoapi/$MODULE.sce files) are pretty
awful in general and replacing them with something better and reliable,
however implemented, is a good idea.

the other kind of JUnit based tests are so-called "complex" tests
(usually in $MODULE/qa/complex), and those are in general rather more
sensible (especially the ones i've written :), so i don't see a need to
do anything about those really, and replacing these with something that
rather inevitably ends up not being a real unit test either, just
implemented in C++, sounds like pointless busywork to me.


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