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Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Mon Apr 2 05:32:30 PDT 2012

Le 02/04/12 13:45, Tor Lillqvist a écrit :

Hi Tor,

> Do comparable Android apps really have "file choosers"? (I just have
> the emulator, which is somewhat painful to use, and no 3rd-party apps.

Yes, quite a few office suite editing apps (and not just viewers) still
do have either a basic file explorer or else they hook into a 3rd party one.

Examples :

Androffice :

ThinkFree Office (not ODF capable)


OpenOffice Document Reader (offers a choice of built-in file browser or
hooked to 3rd party)

DocumentsToGo (non ODF capable)

Softmaker Textmaker


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