Android UI work

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Apr 2 07:06:21 PDT 2012

> so for the native Mac GUI port in OOo 3.0 the Start
> Centre was designed (in its fully gradiented glory) so it can be shown
> to those posh Mac users in the case when no document is opened.


Oh, odd, as that's not how "normal" Mac apps work, is it?

If you have no documents open in TextEdit, for instance, no window is
open (but the TextEdit menu bar still is showing). So if the Start
Centre was designed because of Mac, somebody was misunderstanding how
Mac apps behave. Or am *I* misunderstanding? Or do some (3rd-party?)
Mac apps behave like LO, and display a special "no-document-open"
window when no documents are open? Are such apps considered exhibiting
a good UI according to current Mac UI design standards?


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