EasyHack, fdo#46808, Adapt UNO services to new style, Phase II

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Tue Apr 3 06:11:25 PDT 2012


I'm working my way through the codebase, translating the easy stuff. 
What is the cleanest translation of this:

                 Reference< graphic::XGraphicProvider > xGraphProv(
C2U("com.sun.star.graphic.GraphicProvider")), uno::UNO_QUERY_THROW );

Normally I would use

                 Reference< graphic::XGraphicProvider > xGraphProv( 
graphic::GraphicProvider::create(xContext) );

But that doesn't throw an exception on error.

Is there a utility method I'm not aware of, or should I restructure the 
surrounding code to work without exceptions?

Thanks, Noel Grandin

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