GSOC 2012 , submitting a patch for easy hack

kud360 kud360 at
Tue Apr 3 08:49:53 PDT 2012

Thanks a lot :) :) .... My first contribution :) Yeay ! ... 

I would now like to know about my project specification ..... I had written
a mail about this to Mr. Thorsten Behrens about this , but I received no
reply .. can someone please tell me a way to contact him ... I have some
ideas with me that i am presently working on... 

A slide changing app is ready with me that I made in java by emulating
keystrokes and hence using the generated arrow keystrokes ... I wanted to
know if libreoffice listens in on any-port .. if not I was wondering of how
hard would it be to start a daemon as a part of libreoffice to listen in on
network ports.

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