Question about Bug 33599

Dézsi Szabolcs dezsiszabi at
Tue Apr 3 12:25:11 PDT 2012

Hi all!


I think I know where is the problem. In sw/source/ui/docvw/SidebarTxtControl.cxx function SidebarTxtControl::LoseFocus. There's a call for mrSidebarWin.UpdateData(); In this function it checks whether there was any modification to the comment's text. We can see that the bug is only occuring if we press alt+tab after we changed the text.
Upon further inspection we can see that the bug is present because of a Broadcast call in SwAnnotationWin::UpdateData().
There's a comment written before the Broadcast line: 
'// #i98686# if we have several views, all notes should update their text'
Commenting out that Broadcast call, or the whole call for UpdateData() solves the issue. My question is: what is the purpose of this UpdateData call (or the broadcast)?

ps.: i tried without commenting out calls. I created a Point and saved the Cursor's Pos before UpdateData and loaded it back after that. Bug was still present (but don't know why)

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