[PATCH] fdo#39749: calc unit test writing

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Apr 3 23:01:49 PDT 2012

> Please check in your editor
> settings how to automatically replace tabs with 4 spaces.

Not always 4, but 1..4 spaces, the right number so that the following
character is at a multiple of four characters from the start of the

Also, whether that is the correct thing to do for a source file that
has freshly been edited and had hardcoded TABs inserted depends on
what the tab stop setting in the editor was. If it was 8 (the
traditional Unix tab size), and the programmer has lined up
indentations of new and/or edited lines that now have TABs to match
existing code lines (without TABs), the newly inserted TABs should be
expanded to 1..8 spaces, of course, to retain the same visual

Sure, you probably know the above and just over-simplified. But I
*have* seen some people understand the "replace tabs with 4 spaces"
mantra literally.


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