extraordinary stoc/ thrash ...

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at vnc.biz
Wed Apr 4 11:05:19 PDT 2012

> On 04/04/2012 01:44 PM, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> > Can anybody please point me to the code which is loading
> > the .rdb files ?
> stoc/source/simpleregistry/, but see my "vague idea" in another part
> of this tread for work that is currently under way in this area.

thx, brought me some bits nearer to the point :)
Now I'm curious how this data then is used for actual instantiation.

My guess is that somebody calls the uno machinery for a service
by given name, and then it looks into the registry, which component
has an implementation of that service, correct ?
By the way: what happens exactly when multiple implementations
exist for some service name ? How is the decide made which one
to take ?


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