a new mac mini available for libreoffice dev but ...

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Apr 5 09:22:28 PDT 2012

> I have been doing some experimentation and I think we are almost at that
> stage to be able to start building against 10.7 SDK.

As we still use some APIs that aren't present in the 10.7 SDK, the
compilation will fail. At least that is my memory from when I tried
building against the 10.7 SDK. (Maybe last summer, or something like
that.) The APIs in question were obsolete already in 10.4, so it would
be high time to get rid of their use.

That said, the APIs in question are still present in the OS (after
all, a LO built against the 10.4 SDK still runs on 10.7). So it might
be possible to work around it by looking them up dynamically at run
time, or something like that. Or not, experimentation needed.

> I have run into issues

When we say that building against anything except the 10.4 SDK is
experimental, it means that "issues" are to be expected, *and* that
anybody who still insists in trying, is expected to work on such
issues and fix them himself.

If others would have the interest (or more like time) to work on them,
they would. That also means others won't have the time to hand-hold
you and tell you exactly what to do, because we don't know, and if we
spend the time figuring out, we could then as well commit the changes
ourselves, no?

> I think the easiest solution would be to have 2 versions

"versions"? Next you are going to suggest a separate fork on github, aren't you?


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