Using OOoPython from an external script

Glenn Ramsey glenn.ramsey at
Thu Apr 5 14:05:29 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I initially asked this on the users list and was redirected here.

I am wanting to call LibreOffice from a Python script, using uno, to
convert some files. Because of version incompatibilities between the system
Python and the version distributed with LO (OOoPython) it seems that the
only way that "import uno" will work reliably is when it is done from
OOoPython. Because of this I am planning to have a system Python script run
OOoPython via to do the conversion. By playing around
with OOoPython on the command line (in OSX 10.6) I discovered that the
PYTHONPATH needs to be set up properly before uno can be successfully

Is there a way to automatically set this up, or do I have to write
something in my script to discover and configure the path? I would like
this to work on Linux, Windows and OSX.

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