Disabling Temporary Files?

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at vnc.biz
Fri Apr 6 00:15:29 PDT 2012


> My colleagues found out that the temp file is password-protected too,
> so that part is fine.
> But images inside the file are saved as temporary files too! Is there
> something we can do about that?

What's the actual goal to reach by this ?

If you wanna protect against the scenario that somebody steals the
computer, then encrypting the temp files won't suffice. You'll also
need to encrypt swapspace and make sure, the secret cannot be
reconstructed from main memory (IOW: hold the secret in registers
or CPU cache). Such things need to be done on operating system
(IOW: kernel) level, cannot be done in application scope.

Actually, I wouldn't call the OO encryption particularily secure,
there're several known attack vectors that reduce the keyspace
to be tried by brute-force dramatically. Better dont use it at
all and take something like gpg, properly choosing ciphers and
large enough keys.


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