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>> > with OOoPython on the command line (in OSX 10.6) I discovered that the
>> > PYTHONPATH needs to be set up properly before uno can be successfully
>> > imported.
>> >
>> > Is there a way to automatically set this up, or do I have to write
>> > something in my script to discover and configure the path? I would like
>> > this to work on Linux, Windows and OSX.
>> I just checked the Linux RPM's, there program/python file is a shell
>> script setting up PYTHONPATH and friends, then the real python binary is
>> called python.bin. Maybe you missed this. :)
> No, I hadn't checked that, thanks for the tip. On Debian based systems I
> think it also works out of the box. I tested Windows 7 today and that too
> works without any further effort. So it looks like it is just OSX that
> requires additional configuration.

In order for a system python script to be able to execute lo-python it
needs to know where LO is installed and what platform it is running on. I
hacked up code that does this on Windows by looking in the registry for
soffice.exe, but before I start implementing it for other platforms I
thought I should check that I'm not reinventing the wheel. Does anyone know
of some code that already does this? It doesn't have to be in Python.

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