[PATCH] fdo#35042: previous color applied instead of latest "no fill" for "highlighting"

Aldo Román Nureña aldo.roman.nurena at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 22:09:07 PDT 2012

Patch to fix the 35042 bug. As mentioned on the report:

Steps to reproduce
1. open new WRITER document
2. type 3 words
3. select one word by double click
4. open character background color picker by long click on 'Highlighting' icon
5. Select "light red" by click
   picker closes. Character background becomes "light red"
6. select second word and apply background color by clicking
   'Highlighting' icon.
   as expected background becomes "light red" because icon showed that color as
   latest selection
7. select first word
8. open 'Highlighting' color picker and select "no fill"
   as expected, red background for word disappears and color mark below icon
   becomes empty for "no fill"
9. Double click third word
10. click 'Highlighting' icon.
   expected: nothing, because latest selection "no fill" should be applied
             (what also is shown in color mark below icon)
   actual: background red for latest background COLOR selection

Aldo Román Nureña
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