make check problem in libtest_smoketest building master

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at
Fri Apr 13 03:40:35 PDT 2012

On 11 April 2012 14:24, Noel Grandin <noel at> wrote:
> Building on Ubuntu 64-bit, "make check" is failing because of a missing
> symbol in
> Doing a "make smoketest.clean" doesn't seem to help.
> The library does genuinely seem to be missing the symbol (readelf log
> attached).
> Any ideas for tracking this down?

Does attached diff help ?
There is
-$(eval $(call gb_CppunitTest_use_libraries,smoketest,\
+$(eval $(call gb_CppunitTest_use_library_objects,smoketest,\

I did not know what commit message to write there.
If it helps feel free to push it anybody, please.

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