check : build dependency (was: Re: what exactly needs localedata_en library ?)

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at
Fri Apr 13 10:54:05 PDT 2012

Hi all,

On 13 April 2012 18:21, Matúš Kukan <matus.kukan at> wrote:
> Bjoern, what do you think about attached patch ?
> I left subsequentcheck untouched for now.

Oh no, it won't work in new gbuild world where we can do:
make -rs -j 4 $(WORKDIR)/Module/check/sw
or anything, from clean.
That's something as Lubos was trying to tell me but I did not see it this way.
So if we want to be able to do that (I think yes)
this *check : build dependency thing is nonsense.

I am really sorry for this thread. It now looks to me as wasted.
I did not realize that before.

All the best,

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