MacOS X Lion Resume Problem

Italo Vignoli italo at
Sun Apr 15 03:06:11 PDT 2012

MacOS X Lion Resume "feature", which is quite hated in the MacOS
environment by every decent user, is creating a problem to LibreOffice
as it conflicts with LibreOffice file recover feature.

Basically, if you switch off a Mac with LibreOffice still open, the
system will let LibreOffice think that it has crashed, and thus it will
start the recover feature at the same time that the system starts the
resume feature.

>From that time on, every time you launch LibreOffice - even after a
regular "exit" action - the program will present the recover screen and
will loop endlessly if the user chooses the recover option, to the point
that it has to be closed using the "force quit" option.

There are several workarounds, the most simple being the installation of
a small freeware which kills the resume "feature" of MacOS X Lion (and
because of this is called "Resuminator").

In the attached ZIP file I have included three scripts which disable or
kill the same feature, and might be used to inspire a nice software
solution to the problem.

In the meantime, I am going to post the workaround on my blog, as this
is a very annoying problem for Mac users.

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