Using an equivalent to CreateObject in VBA

Pierre Bartoletti pbartoletti at
Sun Apr 15 17:23:31 PDT 2012

I have to translate EXCEL VBA Macro in OOBasic

how can I translate this piece of code?

This code use a COM object.

Thanks for replying

        Dim TKSession, TKBasket, TKError, TKArchive
        Dim running
        Dim strBasket, strArchive, strFileName, strActiveArchive,
strDocumentAImporter, strIndex, strDate, strStatut
        Set TKSession = CreateObject("DW5ToolKit.App")
        TKError = TKSession.IsDocuWareRunning(running)

        If running = 0 Then
            TKError = TKSession.StartDocuWare("admin", "admin", 10)
        End If
        TKError = TKError + TKSession.getbasket(strBasket, TKBasket)
        TKError = TKError + TKSession.GetArchive(ADFFileArchive, TKArchive)

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