[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [PATCH] Mouse centered zooming

Tim Hardeck thardeck at suse.de
Mon Apr 16 04:56:23 PDT 2012

On 04/16/2012 01:29 PM, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	I gave this a test, and it's unclear quite what to expect here. eg. I
> create a draw document, insert a stock box shape in the top right, move
> my mouse to over the top of a specific corner of that, and scroll-in.
> 	What I'd expect (perhaps) is that the point that the mouse is over
> grows large around that point, ie. that point would be the equivalent of
> the center between two fingers of 'pinch to zoom' ;-) it seems instead
> that what is (was) underneath the mouse moves to the centre of the
> screen - is that intended ?
The origin was to fix the unintuitive zooming in Writer.
Instead of zooming to the upper left corner it now zooms to the center
of the screen by default.

But often the problem is that when zooming in the object you wanted to
see gets partly moved out of screen if it wasn't perfectly in focus before.
So that's where the mouse centered zooming comes into play so the user
just moves the mouse where s/he wants to look.

At first I thought too that it might make sense to jump directly to the
mouse position but in this case LO would have to move the mouse around
otherwise the user would land somewhere else if the mouse wheel is moved
more then once which is often the case.
And I am not sure if it is easy possible let alone desired to let LO
move the mouse around.

That's why the mouse position is used as a target for shifting so the
user is able to move the mouse back on its own as soon the target is
Right now the shift speed is static but it could be changed to consider
the mouse distance from the center.

> 	Also - if I zoom in,  move the mouse and zoom in again - then zoom out
> the behaviour can seem a little strange ...
> 	IMHO we need some more UI thought / testing around this before merging
> (sorry to be a pain ! ;-) hopefully there are other, easier things to be
> done in parallel while the spec. firms up - and sorry for landing you
> with this deeply vague task ;-)
Yes, it is not perfect that's why I have sent it to ux-advise to get
more feedback.

Nevertheless I think after getting used to it should work fine for most
use cases (maybe after some optimizations of the center area and shift

Anyway I could create a patch to enabled just the screen centered
zooming in Writer, which is imho the only LO app with an unintuitive
zooming behavior.


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