[Bug 37361] LibreOffice 3.5 most annoying bugs

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--- Comment #284 from Timur <gtimur at gmail.com> 2012-04-18 02:38:04 PDT ---
First, I thank you all for spotting and fixing all those bugs, and especially
for opening bug like this one. What's clear here is that's about bugs, and not
I'd like to discuss 2 issues, I apologize if it's already been done. 

1. "Most annoying bugs" is relative, we don't have all the same opinion about
what's most annoying. If it's like this, where is the limit, or this should
mean "all bugs"? I'm not aware of some bug that is little annoying and thus not
here. My opinion is that all bugs should be tracked, although some minor and
hard may not be fixed.

2. "LibreOffice 3.5" has releases. Although in bug itself it can be seen in
which release it will be/was fixed, it'd be convenient to see it also here. For
example, to see "fixed in 3.5.1", "fixed in 3.5.2", etc below "Depends on". If
it's a feature of Bugzilla, there should be some aggregating meta issue there,
with that option, for bugs like this one.

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