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--- Comment #285 from Petr Mladek <pmladek at suse.cz> 2012-04-18 03:41:26 PDT ---
IMHO, it currently works the following way:

If you add a bug here, you send a message to developers. Hey, this is something
that people really hates in this release. It annoys many people and discourage
them from using this application. This is something that you should solve ASAP.

Developers look at the bugs and fix them if possible.

Note that developers are in CC in many other bugs, read mails, have other tasks
from other people, have their personal life. They maintain their own priority
lists. So, this bug does not enforce anything. It is still only a helper tool.
Though, it seems that it works pretty well.

My view of why we need this bug:

First, any software has bugs and we can't fix everything. Any fix could
potentially create another bug. Also we could not make everyone happy. Some
people might like a feature that annoys other people. We can't make everything
configurable because it would be hard to maintain all options. Even if we make
it configurable, people will fight about defaults. So, we will always have any
bug reports.

Next, this bug won't be needed if people set severity and priority correctly.
Unfortunately, it does not work in a real life. If a person gets into a state
that she reports a bug, she is often quite annoyed and wants a solution
quickly. The bug is often quite important for the person, so she tends to set
high severity and priority. One the other hand, some people does not know about
this setting and they use the default values. All this can be corrected by
people doing the bug triage who see many bugs every day and could better
prioritize them. Unfortunately, we do not have enough people this time, so many
bugs still have the severity and priority set by the reporter. So the query for
all bugs does not show the most annoying bugs on top.

Finally, this bug is a workaround for the above problem. It is mostly updated
by people doing the regular bug triage. They know the bigger picture and do
their best guess what belongs here. They try to do not include their pet bugs.
Of course, everyone has its own opinion. Also this bug is opened for anyone. 

Well, I think that it has worked quite well so far and we do not need any
complex rules. IMHO, the name "most annoying bugs" set the right feeling in
most people ;-)

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