support for repeating format code in calc

Noel Power nopower at
Wed Apr 18 13:01:41 PDT 2012

Hi Eike,

I've been looking at providing support for the repeating character in 
number formats. I've been playing abit with the code and what I have 
sofar seems to work reasonably well ( no doubt there are plenty of edge 
cases still to be discovered )  But.. life would be simpler I think if 
we had just stored a plain format code like docx seems to rather than 
the fancy pants xml that's there now :/  thus I need some input at the 
very least on persisting the format code to odf. Currently I have 
implemented a pretty simple change that introduces a new child element 
to the number-style definition ( see 0002-xxxxx.patch attached ) Talking 
to Kohei he says that you investigated those special financial formats 
that use the repeat code at some point and I wondered if you had any 
input, ideas or comments. I'm not at all sure about the xml choice I 
made and would be happy to take on board any suggestions for that or.... 
perhaps you might have a sneaky way to avoid an odf change/addition 
altogether.  Also I worry a little that there seemed to be at one point 
support for the '*' format code, I wonder what the history was or is it 
just a case of unfinished business?  Note: I partially re-enabled that 
for the basic xls import support ( see 
and follow up patch 

sofar the results can be probably best explained by a simple screencast



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