[patch] [fdo#42986] Presentations in Wide-screen

Rob Snelders rob at ertai.nl
Wed Apr 18 14:35:25 PDT 2012

Hi Ivan,

I have tested with removing the PAPER_SCREEN*.
It seems to work. The size indeed dissapears where the page-size of the 
printer is mentioned.
I only saw that the handout-page is empty on the screen. It seems to 
print however. Also without the patch applied it doesn't work here. But 
my build is more then a week old so It could be fixed. It seems to be a 
different error however.

Rob Snelders

Op 16-04-12 20:26, Ivan Timofeev schreef:
> Hi Rob,
> thanks a lot, great work! :)
> Just one detail: if you add smth to 'static const int PaperIndex' 
> (print.cxx), I suppose you also have to add it to RID_STR_PAPERNAMES 
> (print.src):
> OSL_ENSURE( sal_uInt32(SAL_N_ELEMENTS(PaperIndex)) == 
> aPaperStrings.Count(), "localized paper name count wrong" );
> But hmmm... Where we will see the effect?
> $ git grep GetPaperName
> editeng/source/items/paperinf.cxx:    return String( 
> Printer::GetPaperName( ePaper ) );
> [some garbage...]
> vcl/source/gdi/print.cxx:    return (ePaper != PAPER_USER || 
> i_bPaperUser ) ? GetPaperName( ePaper ) : rtl::OUString();
> vcl/source/window/printdlg.cxx: aPrt->GetPaperName( false ),
> The first occurrence in editeng is a mysterious wrapper, used in 
> Writer (Insert -> Envelope... -> Format). The last occurrence is the 
> print dialog code, we see a paper name in parentheses above the print 
> preview.
> I wonder why the 'Screen' entry is there. Is it a standardized page 
> format name? ( *whisper* yeah, I'd like to remove it... :)
> Regards,
> Ivan

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