Bug 48716: FILESAVE soffice.bin crashed with SIGABRT in os::abort()

Dézsi Szabolcs dezsiszabi at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 19 06:16:09 PDT 2012


Actually this gives me SIGSEGV (not SIGABRT) in sw/fmtcntnt.hxx 
line 60: return (const SwFmtCntnt&)Get( RES_CNTNT,bInP);

I print out '*this' and it's like this:
{<SfxItemSet> = {_vptr.SfxItemSet = 0x18, _pPool = 0x100000001, _pParent = 0x1757920, _aItems = 0x18, _pWhichRanges = 0x100000001, _nCount = 64152}, pOldSet = 
    0x18, pNewSet = 0x200000001, static aPool = {m_pImpl = 0x7fffdc06b480, m_pTypeName = 0x7fffcf0418e0 "SwAttrSet"}}

those 0x18 and _nCount = 64152 values look very disturbing.
print *this._aItems it says "Cannot access memory at address 0x18"

So this must be the problem (right?)

Any idea why these values look like this?

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