[PATCH] fdo#47436: FILEOPEN: Writer crashes when it opens an odt file produced by JasperReport

Dézsi Szabolcs dezsiszabi at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 19 15:51:28 PDT 2012





1951:   for (int n(0); n != SAL_N_ELEMENTS(aBorders); ++n)
1952:   {
1953:       editeng::SvxBorderLine* pLine = const_cast< editeng::SvxBorderLine*
>( GetLine( aBorders[n] ) );
1954:       pLine->SetStyle( eBorderStyle );
1956:   }

Here pLine is a NULL pointer, so calling its member function (SetStyle) causes

aBorders is just an array with 4 elements: { BOX_LINE_LEFT, BOX_LINE_RIGHT, BOX_LINE_BOTTOM, BOX_LINE_TOP }
GetLine returns pLeft, pTop, pRight, pBottom. All of these are NULL pointers in this case.
These get their values in sw/source/core/unocore/unoframe.cxx (from line 370)

370:    const ::uno::Any* pLeft        = 0;
371:    GetProperty(RES_BOX, LEFT_BORDER  |CONVERT_TWIPS,    pLeft  );

pLeft remains NULL after this (and pTop, pRight, pBottom too)

so these:
396:    SvxBoxItem aBox ( static_cast < const :: SvxBoxItem & > ( rFromSet.Get ( RES_BOX ) ) );
397:    if( pLeft )
398:        bRet &= ((SfxPoolItem&)aBox).PutValue(*pLeft, CONVERT_TWIPS|LEFT_BORDER );
are not executed, and aBox's pLeft (etc) members remain NULLs.
but this:
415:    if( pLineStyle )
416:        bRet &= ((SfxPoolItem&)aBox).PutValue(*pLineStyle, LINE_STYLE);
gets executed, and this has a call to pLine->SetStyle (line 1954 mentioned earlier)

Putting 'if( pLine )' before line 1954 causes LO to load the document.

PS.: Like on bug's page. It isn't sure that the odt is valid, but it shouldn't crash anyway.

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