[Bug 37361] LibreOffice 3.5 most annoying bugs

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--- Comment #291 from Cor Nouws <cno at nouenoff.nl> 2012-04-20 00:25:44 PDT ---
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> Should I add more bugs (I can easily add a 100 more).

Yes and no. 

Bugs that belong here, pls do. 
However: I do not believe in doing it 'easily'. 
Since, steps in the correct work flow are:
 - reproduce, 
 - test impact, workarounds,
 - query BugZilla for related and the same or closely related issues 
   which may lead to do some bundling of issues
 - in case of doubt, consult others via the QA list....

But any bug that is really a problem, and that is not yet visible here: pls do.
We have had issues in the past, that were in BugZilla for months, turned out to
be very nasty, and were not recognised fast enough, but discovered just because
I (or someone else) was confronted with a similar problem and did "the work" in
So finding those bugs, is important and more helpful than adding just a load of
bug numbers to this MAB.
Thanks for your help!

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