Windows build with ActiveX

Andras Timar timar74 at
Fri Apr 20 13:12:46 PDT 2012

Hello Mat,

2012/4/20 Mat M <matm at>:
> Hello
> I tried to find the activex dll (so_activex.dll & so_activex64.dll) in my
> latest official install (LibreOffice / Version ID :
> 281b639-6baa1d3-ef66a77-d866f25-f36d45f) and did not find it.
> I did find it in the latest build of Win-x86 at 15-Prague_Win32 tinderbox
> though (program subfolder).
> Is it intentional we do not provide it by default or not ?

Yes, it is. We disable it in distro-configs/LibreOfficeWin32.conf
(--disable-activex-component). You can enable it in your own build and
play with it. As Tor mentined in the other thread, it does not work as
one can expect, and it has no maintaner, so in order to avoid numerous
bug reports we simply disable it.

Best regards,

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