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Italo Vignoli italo at
Mon Apr 23 07:55:28 PDT 2012

I have tried to figure out the thinking behind the Calc Functions Help,
but after a couple of days I have given up because it looks impossible
to understand.

Basically, the problems are the following:

1. Functions are not listed alphabetically. Does it make sense? Does it
make sense to swap them inside the file to create al alphabetical order
(which is the usual order for human beings)?

2. Size of files is wildly different. There are huge files like Math
Functions and small files like Financial Functions which are even split
in sections (where the contents do not follow any order, while it would
be more useful to have - for instance - "Financial Functions A-L"
instead of "Financial Functions Part One"). Does it make sense to split
large files to make them more manageable? Does it make sense to rename
sections to make them like these: A-L and M-Z?

(Of course, this does not mean that I already know how to split help
files or to create new help files... but it might be worth studying it
if it makes sense to improve the overall usability of the help, which is
now almost useless in several areas).

3. There are <comments> like "see also TANG". Does it make sense to make
these comments, which might sometimes be useful, be visible to end
users? In my opinion, having this kind of stuff buried into XML and
invisible to the end user does not make sense, so either I uncomment it
making it visible to end user or I delete it (I feel that the first
option is the best one).

Sorry for the length. Ciao, Italo

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