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Italo Vignoli italo at
Mon Apr 23 10:13:56 PDT 2012

Regina Henschel wrote:

> Perhaps more a topic for documentation at than for
> libreoffice at

No, I do not want to write documentation, I am trying to figure out how
to hack the help to improve it, because most users still refer to the
help when they do not know how to do something.

I have already started cleaning useless comments, and while doing this I
stumbled upon the "see also..." comments on Calc, and from these to the
rest of the story.

LibreOffice Help is really bad, and should be rebuilt from scratch, but
this is really impossible. So, I am working at improving it, starting
from the easiest stuff.

You have answered to the alphabetical order, and to the "part one, part
two" stuff. They seem both improvements over the actual situation.

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