[Libreoffice][GSoC2012] Enhancing Impress svg export filter

Marco Cecchetti mrcekets at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:35:42 PDT 2012

Hi all,
my GSoC proposal has been accepted!
I'm really happy that also this GSoC I'll contribute to
the LibreOffice project.
I want to thanks Thorsten and Fridrich for having placed their
trust in me again for this GSoC.

My proposal is about improving the project I started the last GSoC.
The project was about implementing a new Impress feature in order
to let a user to be able to export a presentation as a browsable
svg document with support for animations.
In the last GSoC I ported a good amount of the impress animation
engine from C++ to JavaScript. At present the svg export filter
supports several shape effects, but there is still a lot of work
to do.

For the upcoming GSoC the main goals will be:
- Porting the part of the Impress animation engine responsible for
   transition effects and slide transitions.
- Implement support for repeated and rewinded animations.
- Go backward by one single effect.
- A new text export implementation that provides better support
   for text search engines and best appearance.
- Provide support for text animations.
- Export embedded svg pictures in a transparent way.

I'll start coding on May 21, I'll keep a logbook where
I'll annotate the project advance as any issue I'll have to face.
I'll also provide a weekly summary on the project state that
I'll post on this ml.
As I have write access to the Libre Office git repository
I'll submit my code in the form of a feature branch.

In the meanwhile, when I'm not too busy, I'll spend my time
by getting again cozy with the source code I have to work on,
and in accumulating and discussing ideas on implementation aspects.
I'll also set up any development tools I could need and
I'll define a good pool of browsers to utilize for testing.

About this last point I'd like to know if there is interest in
performing test on IE 10 that at present is supported only by
Windows 8.

-- Marco

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