[PUSHED][PATCH] fdo#45664 EasyHack: Calc can't export the cells formulas to CSV (only the cells values)

Florent Gallaire fgallaire at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 19:29:03 PDT 2012

Thanks for the commit Eike, I'm really proud and grateful !

> Main change is that the "Save cell content as shown" option is
> independent of the "Save formulas" option and should not be disabled
> when checking that.

I disagree, and I will try to explain myself :
When you export a cell with =DATE(1981;9;20) by values, you have :
1) 20/09/81 when "Save cell content as shown" is set
2) 29849  when "Save cell content as shown" is not set
When you export the same cell by formulas, you always have
=DATE(1981;9;20), regardless the "Save cell content as shown" option.
As this option is no more relevant in this context , for a good user
experience, she should be disabled, this is an information for the

> I also made the initial state depend on the "Show
> formulas" view option.

OK, I was thinking to do that in a second time, after the validation
of this patch, so thanks a lot this is already done !


FLOSS Engineer & Lawyer

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