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Bandula Rodrigo bjrodrigo at
Thu Apr 26 22:37:09 PDT 2012

Dear Sir,

Would like to suggest  a small feature that is used in ms xl. It goes like this :

When we use a xl file which get refresh via links to other files, the new values will get updated in the file. (Up to this far its ok with Calc.)

Problem occurs when when we send that file to another person which do not have the link files on his computer; that person was not able to see the value, instead it says macro error on those fields. 

But when we open the same file in "ms xl" it shows the values without error, only thing that he cant do is refresh the document. Even he refresh it, document want change the values.

it's a good feature as the accountant will have the original files and they are confidential, so what he send to the executives is just a updated link file. Problem arose when we install the libre office as it does not have this facility that they have practised for long. 

Hope I managed to explain it correcly. would be ver benificial if you could add this feature to calc.

Also i have checked the data pivot in calc new version and now we can add more than 8 field in the database. 

One other thing if we can improve the look and feel of it, by putting some smooth icons in too bar will be more attractive.

We are using libre office in more than 300 computers now. and no complains. only this accounts people are complaining.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Bandula Rodrigo

Mobile : 94 0715337566
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