support for repeating format code in calc

Noel Power nopower at
Fri Apr 27 02:47:39 PDT 2012

Hi Eike,

I had a little further look,

On 25/04/12 10:37, Noel Power wrote:
> maybe I am naive, isn't this complicating things ( right/left 
> justified ? ) doesn't it just fill to available width ( granted with 
> assumed knowledge of column width border size etc. ) with 0 or more of 
> the character to repeat ? I would expect an existing left/center/right 
> justification on the cell to be ignored when this 'special' format 
> code is specified ( admittedly I haven't tried this... )
ok, I didn't test exhaustively but just some quick testing. Hopefully I 
changed the correct thing, with mso 2002 I modified the cell|format 
cells|allignment|horizontal ( used values center, left, right etc. ) 
which didn't seem to affect the display. So if I did tested the right 
thing then it would seem that justification is ignored in this case.

> Afaics  with mso ( 2002 at least) and libreoffice  the formatter fails 
> silently,
seems to be the case with again some quick testing ( which kindof sucks 
I guess )
> I mean generally I suppose people just rely on the preview and/or 
> applying the format to show you if the format worked. With that in 
> mind I would specify ( in whatever specification blurb we might 
> provide ) that we expect only one '*[char]' in the format but in the 
> event of more that one occurrence we take ( to be decided ) either the 
> first or last one and ignore the others.
again with some quick testing looks like in this case excel will take 
the last specified repeat and use that.

>> I assume also left/centered/right justification affects things for
>> leading/trailing fills.
> unless Excel does this I would avoid such complication like the plague 
> ( especially given my complete ignorance in such matters ;-) ) Saying 
> that I didn't test even what would happen on the calc side with same :-/
see above, seems ( and imho sensibly ) to ignore justification when the 
repeat code is encountered
>> we could use
>>      String aFill;
>>      aFill.Expand( nNumCharsToInsert, mnChar);
>>      aTmpStr.Insert( aFill, mnPos);
>> to avoid multiple reallocations with character-based Insert.
> we just should use that, I will change it thanks!
I *will* change that (just need  to get around to it )



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