Need a mentor on framework & toolpanel

Laurent Godard lgodard.libre at
Fri Apr 27 09:08:24 PDT 2012

HI all

My company is ok to pay an enginerring student this summer to hack on 
libreOffice. I'm really happy that i succeeded to convince my hierarchy

The purpose is to finish the implementation of TOOLPANEL (task panel 
like in impress) to be able to manipulate it as other UIElements
If time, add some enhancements to be available for scripting 
(visibility, changing titles, listners aso) and may be some core-example 
(proof of concept without UNO) to be used in other part than impress 
(eg. calc)

IMHO, this task panel UI element is interressant and can be used 
efficiently for high level, document oriented user interfaces

For the moment, it globally works through UNO and i succeeded to use in 
calc. I gave a python sample is in the sdk
Note also that leif posted some work based on this

But it lacks some implementation as i had to do some bad hack. the 
toolpanel is not available himself through api. One can not access it 
and manipulate it

The main work will be then in core, c++. I think an entry point could be

The main goal is that we can access the toolpanel as other UI elements 
(status bar, toolbars aso) and manipulate it

I will mentor the student on the main goal and the scripting part if 
needed but my knowledge in C++ is really poor as my understanding of the 
code, especially this part. I still learn (but more focused on calc though)

So I need a community-mentor-volunteer that could kindly drive this 
student through this part of the code. I think it will be ok for the 
school and in the end may add a new hacker

Are there any core-developper that would be ready to help on this, this 
summer ? Obviously i'll be there and will help as much as i can

thanks in advance


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