ask help for Open Office VBA interoperability development

Noel Power nopower at
Mon Apr 30 02:47:48 PDT 2012

Hi ZuoJun
On 26/04/12 04:45, ZuoJun Chen wrote:
> Hi,  Noel
>       I am interested in VBA interoperability development,
great, at libreoffice we are always delighted to help developers out, 
nice to hear you are interested in VBA development, of course I'd be 
happy help with any issues or questions that you have. cc-ing the dev 
list too as it is surely the best place to get help advice etc.
> but I just found the information in OO wiki
> <>has not updated for a long time. 
>  The wiki page indicates
> that you are the project lead. I write you this letter to see if  I 
> can get any latest help from you.
sure, will help the best I can, and at the dev list mentioned above you 
will find a bunch of friendly people ready to help with all or any 
development related problems you may have trying to get started :-)
>   Especially
> VBA filter import and export changes. Looking forward to your reply. 
> Thank you.
is there any particular aspect to the import you are interested in 
working on? as for export that is currently really not well supported at 
all (basically we just copy the existing vba streams back when export 
the document)  so that is an area that definitely could be improved if 
you wish to work on that. Lastly of course there is the api itself which 
of course has many gaps that need to be filled ( even something to show 
what is already implemented ( really should create an easy hack for that 
) ) would be most helpful ). What do you think? anything interest you 
there or do you have something else specific you wish to work on that we 
could help you with. Let us know and also if you wish to just talk about 
it you can always ping me or our irc channel #libreoffice-dev ( on 
freenode ) my nick is noelp

look forward to hearing from you,


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