Regarding your commit: Add all the available themes to the list

Tomáš Chvátal tomas.chvatal at
Mon Apr 30 04:15:44 PDT 2012

Dne Po 30. dubna 2012 15:21:21, Korrawit Pruegsanusak napsal(a):
> Hello Tomas, all,

> Regarding your commit: Add all the available themes to the list [1],
> I'm thinking of my old experiment dated December 2011 [2].
> Just a reminder: your commit
> * added 'human' theme to the default theme list
> * added 'classic', 'galaxy', and 'industrial' themes to all-theme list
> * removed 'default' theme from both lists

The "default" was bogus as it just printed warning during the make "no such 
file or directory default".

The goal here is that I added the check for the relevant folders during the 
3.5 release, but I forgot it does not contain all the possible values, which I 
now fixed.

Also I was not exactly sure if human should be enabled by default or not. So I 
added some I considered usefull and build them.
> So, default theme list now consists of: crystal, hicontrast, human,
> oxygen, and tango.
> And all theme list consists of: classic, crystal, galaxy, hicontrast,
> human, industrial, oxygen, and tango.
> The difference between the two list is: classic, galaxy, and industrial.
> Back to the result of my experiment: the 'classic' and 'industrial'
> themes aren't populated in the option list.
> And now, the README file [3] says:
> > The classic theme is left primarily for historical interest, rather than
> > intended to be packaged.
> So, could you please check by building with all themes, and see if we
> really support them? Thanks :-)
> But if you've already checked, please apologize me for the noise.
> Or could anyone, including you :-), tell us more detailed story about
> supporting themes?

Yep I am aware what readme says about packaging, but still we should allow 
some crazy souls to compile their stuff and see :-)
Also I didn't try to build them all, only the default ones.


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