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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Wed Aug 1 09:59:01 PDT 2012

On Wed, 2012-08-01 at 19:56 +0400, Ivan Timofeev wrote:
> With gtk3 I see similar effect for normal (not toolbar) buttons, edits 
> etc. Why do you think this is related to toolbars?

	Oh - quite probably it is a generic problem :-) but we noticed it in
toolbars first.

> I solved the problem by the following change in renderAreaToPix: 
> cairo_data[x*4+0] * alpha

	That appears to me to break the compositing :-) it might happen to
improve things for this case of course.

	Ultimately, we need to draw those widgets just once. With the attached
debug patch I get this:

paint 0x8cfe720: N9framework7ToolBarE
stack paint
paint 0x8d41e30: 16ImplBorderWindow
paint 20 1 combobox 425,37 75x25
stack paint
paint 0x8d41a90: N3svx19SvxFontSizeBox_ImplE
stack paint
paint 0x8d489c0: 4Edit
paint 20 1 combobox 425,37 75x25

	Which seems like it renders the borders twice on that edit (AFAICS) -
although that is not what we want. It'd be great to work out why and
unwind that I think.

	Thanks ! :-)


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