Using the gold linker (Was: Android progress?)

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Fri Aug 3 01:08:25 PDT 2012

> I looked a bit closer, and for objects build *without* debugging, the
> difference is not that large at all, gold is only about twice as fast.
> (8 vs. 20 seconds)

I re-configured with --enable-debug (for everything), and did a
partial rebuild (re-compiling whatever needed to be recompiled after a
fresh pull, which did include a lots of stuff that goes into

Now linking with -fuse-ld=gold takes 1 min 40 s, of
which 14 s user, 13 s sys (which I guess means it was mainly I/O
bound, my machine has just 2 GB memory). With -fuse-ld=bfd it takes 3
min 15 s (59 s user, 5 s sys).

With all objects built with debugging information the difference would
presumably be much larger.

So using gold does indeed seem to be useful, but only for builds
including debugging information.


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