android / activation helpers / return values ?

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Sat Aug 4 12:16:38 PDT 2012

Hi there,

	I was just trying to chase down the reason why custom shapes would bust
loading in the android port; still not quite to the bottom of why they
initialize these language-checkers so early ;-) but - the attached fixes
it and prints:

	No ExtensionManager: exception 'component context fails to
	supply singleton of
	type ...

	Is it intended that that would throw an exception rather than returning
NULL ? that was apparently not clear to either to Caolan, or me reading
it :-)

	Having said that - it's some lovely work there Caolan to get the
caching right based on new extensions being installed - that is sexy :-)

	Of course - Android has no real need for the extension manager, we'll
bundle a static image - so this sort of thing is expected; so just a
question: is a nil return, or an exception ideal ? and/or is some
QUERY_THROW type annotation wanted ? :-)

	Either way - with this, I can load much more interesting writer
documents on Android/x86 Tor :-) [ though I have a batch of other
commits / cleanups to push Monday to make that fly ].



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