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I personally vote for libmysqld.
How to avoid .ODB issue is the same as discussed on the forum earlier how
to run .ODB files made on old an version of base to run under new embedded
db of base. i.e keep hsqldb there to only open files of old versions but it
wont allowed to edit it. If the user want to edit it in new version then he
would be notified that your file will be converted from .odb to new
standard and any changes made wont be visible under old version as no
changes will be stored in .odb files. (The new extensions / saving
mechanism will be compatible with mysqld's innodb engine not the old .odb

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 11:04 PM, Muhammad Waqas Iftikhar <
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> But again if we embed PostgreSQL the issue will come again on running .ODB
> files.
> On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 11:01 PM, Muhammad Waqas Iftikhar <
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>> We have been looking on different kind of databses to embed under
>> libreoffice base.
>> Some few ones we like are:
>> Friebird (but has some issues with embedding it under linux it doesnt
>> work easily. Not only this you will have to embed Classic under linux and
>> its architecture is not suitable for an application like base and it wont
>> be 'pure' embedded server)
>> MySQL/ libmysqld (GPL issue. What i have derived from difference between
>> LGPL and GPL licenses i have come to conclusion that if we use libmysqld
>> and as .DLL / .SO there wont be any license issue as Base being "FOSS" free
>> open source software has the right to use it libmysld in it if we mention
>> that this particular library is under GPL license and no commercial
>> organisation can use it without permission of Oracle without changing our
>> license.
>> But we cannot amend any code part of libmysqld if we do this then we will
>> be owner of of that amended library and according to LGPL commercial
>> organisation will be able to use it. So to do that libre will have to come
>> to GPL license. What we derived to make mysql as embedded in base it would
>> had to be amended a little run .ODB files and store databases in .ODB
>> files. If we are wrong or we can avoid this amendment then i think best
>> choice is mysqld. Its footprint is not huge and provides nearly every thing
>> one can need. High performance SQL standards etc.)
>> We can also embed PostgreSQL. An embedded version is not available but we
>> can pack the binaries of postgresql with it. Run it when application starts
>> in a new thread and bind it listen to to only local host. Then kill
>> the process and wait the thread to join before exiting the application. It
>> can also resolve many major f*unctionalities and platform issues.)*
>> - Note: if we embed MySQL or PostgreSQL the work would be very less also.
>> As their drivers are already written.
>> Oracle's berkley db is also very good option for embedded as it is open
>> source. Its an SQL dbms but is not relational dbms.)
>> SQLite already voted out. Rest all DBMS that can be embedded i saw are
>> under commercial license or only runs in Windows based applications).
>> On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 11:50 PM, Muhammad Waqas Iftikhar <
>> coldheartpks at> wrote:
>>> Me and my friends are trying to work on to embedd SQLite under base
>>> instead of hsqldb. For that we are trying to understand how BASE works with
>>> HSQLDB for now. We've been debugging Libreoffice for a while now. In
>>> our search for code relating to HSQLDB, we've gone through the code in the
>>> "load" function of "dbloader2.cxx" found in the "source/filter/xml"
>>> directory under the "dbaccess" module as well as the code in
>>> "connection.cxx" file found in the "source/code/dataaccess" folder, also
>>> under the "dbaccess" module. We've seen how the wizards and the windows for
>>> Base are initialized and then displayed and how the connection is
>>> established when the tables are to be accessed. However, we haven't been
>>> able to locate the portion of code that actually initializes HSQLDB. Please
>>> give us an idea of how to proceed further.
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>>> Regards Waqas
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>> Regards Waqas
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> Regards Waqas

Regards Waqas
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