Static src analysis of LibreOffice

John Smith lbalbalba at
Tue Aug 7 02:07:24 PDT 2012

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Lubos Lunak <l.lunak at> wrote:
>  It doesn't make much sense to analyze with Clang but compile with GCC.
The idea here is that you can use your existing build setup 'as-is'
without being forced to change your build setup like your compiler,
Makefiles, etc. And still be able to analyze your codebase, without
having to make any other changes.

> Configure detects various features of the compiler and if you actually use
> GCC, certain things will not be set up properly for Clang. Use Clang for
> compiling too.
Alright, I'll do that the next time I run the analyzer.

- John

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