Static src analysis of LibreOffice

John Smith lbalbalba at
Tue Aug 7 03:42:02 PDT 2012

> But it looks like I can do "scan-build --use-cc=clang
> --use-c++=clang++ ", im trying that but I still get GCC for
> compilation... Will investigate later, gotta go now.

Well now when I do:

scan-build --use-cc=/usr/local/bin/clang --use-c++=/usr/local/bin/clang++ \
-o /tmp/foo ./configure --enable-debug --with-system-libcmis=no \
--with-system-saxon=no --with-system-libs

I get :

checking if gij knows its java.home... /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-
checking for jawt lib name... configure: error: jni.h could not be
found. Mismatch between gcc and libgcj or libgcj-devel missing?

I dont get that error when I dont use scan-builds '--use-cc/c++' options.

- John
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