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Joel Madero at
Tue Aug 7 18:50:22 PDT 2012

Hi All,

Spent a few hours trying to track this down and I can't figure it out so
hoping someone can guide me in the right direction.

I'm trying to locate the code that handles the dialog that appears when you
do the following steps in base:

1. From Start Center create and save new "sample.odb"
2. Database-Pane: <Reports>
3. Tasks-Pane: 'Create Report in Design View ...'
> Report Designer appears
4. Click into Page footer
(Related properties appear at the right)
5. Click 'Graphic' icon in toolbar
6. Draw a 20mm x 20mm with pushed mouse button into footer field
Propperties field will change to Image control will appear at the right
7. In 'Image control -> General' nearby bottom in line "Graphics" click
'...' button To insert a picture

The dialog that appears simply says "Picture" as the header. If someone can
guide me to the relevant code, more specifically I'm trying to see how it's
passing on the default of "unlinked" to that dialog. If you go to "Insert
-> Image" the check mark is checked by default. Would be nice to track that
down as well so that I can compare the two.

Thanks for your guidance and continuing patience with my beginner skills :)

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