About the download page (FTP server)

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Wed Aug 8 02:43:18 PDT 2012

ape píše v St 08. 08. 2012 v 00:42 -0700:
> Hi, everyone, Petr, Tor!
> Innovation on the page 
> http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/daily/W2008R2@20-With-Symbol-Bytemark-Hosting/master/
> - releases that do not require installation, compressed into a "ZIP" file.
> We can reduce the ~2 times this archive (from 147 to 79 MB), if we use a
> compression format "7z" (the Linux's package "p7zip-full_9.20.1" or the
> Windows's program "7-Zip File Manager").

It looks very interesting. I added Fridrich and Andras into CC who
worked on the installation stuff recently.

One advantage of zip is that it is supported on Windows out of box.
Well, the daily builds are for testers (more experienced users) and the
much lower download size might help them a lot.

Best Regards,

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