Solarmutex Deadlock when Closing Calc which contains functions with XVolatileResult return values

anwen anwenfish at
Wed Aug 8 11:34:50 PDT 2012

Hi Eike,

Thank you for your advices. After doing some research, I decided to use
XTerminateListener which is registered with the LibreOffice desktop. The
reason is that once the Calc extension gets started, it is alive until the
desktop termination. So does the worker thread associated with the

With the TerminateListener, I successfully get the desktop termination event
by queryTermination() function. Although you told me that I could veto this
termination signal by throwing TerminationVetoException. I am not sure how
and where to handle the TerminationVetoException and re-call
XDesktop.terminate() to finally close the office. So I tried to handle
everything inside queryTermination().

Here is my code:
void SAL_CALL CalcTerminateListener::queryTermination(const
::com::sun::star::lang::EventObject& aEvent)
		throw( ::com::sun::star::frame::TerminationVetoException,
::com::sun::star::uno::RuntimeException ) 
	if (realtime_session)
		std::cout << "will close real time session" << std::endl;
		std::cout << "closed real time session" << std::endl;

However, deadlock happened sometimes again. Here is my analysis: this
function is called by the main thread and is protected by the SolarMutex. If 
a modified() function is called by the worker thread at the same time, the
worker thread is waiting for the SolarMutex. Then the main thread tries to
stop the worker thread by calling realtime_session->stop(). This session is
designed with thread safe strategy by a third-party. It fails to close the
worker thread because the worker thread is waiting for the Main thread to
release the SolarMutex.

Since the SolarMutex is everywhere, do you have any suggestion to clear it
for a while and give a chance  to close the worker thread? or How and where
to handle the TerminationVetoException. It is not clear in the Developer's
guide. Thank you very much.

In case that someone is interested with registration of terminatelistener.
Here is my code:

::com::sun::star::uno::Reference< ::com::sun::star::uno::XComponentContext >
m_xCC; // it is assigned when initializing the extension.

	if (!
		std::cout << "failed to find the desktop" << std::endl;
	Reference<XTerminateListener> myListener = new
	std::cout << "added an TerminateListener" << std::endl;

BTW, I am not sure how to initialize a XDocumentEventBroadcaster which you
mentioned previously in a Calc Extension. I tried this method: 
m_xCC), UNO_QUERY); But it did not work.

Thank you for any suggestion.


Eike Rathke-2 wrote
> Hi anwen,
> On Wednesday, 2012-08-01 07:57:00 -0700, anwen wrote:
>> Here is a minor remind that modified() is a method
>> of XResultListener (not XVolatileResult).
> Bah, yes, of course, thanks.
>> It is implemented in Calc by SCAddInListener class.
> I know, see my .signature below ;-)
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